Computer bug deprives childcare of thousands of families

Computer bug deprives childcare of thousands of families

Since the spring, thousands of families no longer receive the Free Childcare Choice Supplement, due to a computer malfunction. Since September 2018, Gwenaelle Lheurin, mother of two children aged 9 and 2 in Haute-Garonne, had used a childminder to babysit her youngest child. Each month, she paid him a salary of € 650 and received from the Family Allowance Fund a Supplement for free choice of childcare arrangement But in the spring, disaster: this administrative assistant realizes that she is in the open because she no longer receives this financial aid. Soon, the declaration of his nanny on the Internet becomes impossible. Then, in July, not only did she still not receive a CMG, but she was also asked to pay social security contributions, hitherto paid for by the fund.

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In question, a reform entered into force in the spring which was to allow faster payment of aid by entrusting the payment of the CMG no longer to CAF but to Pajemploi, a service attached to the Urssaf. However, the operation caused a major computer malfunction during the transmission of certain files between the caisses.

Because of this bug, Gwenaëlle’s family, seriously in the red, must ask for a helping hand from the social service of their commune, as well as from the Red Cross and the People’s Aid. After a series of phone calls and letters, she also received some financial assistance from CAF. But still no CMG. At the end of August, Gwenaelle resolved to dismiss her childminder and to resign from her job to keep her child herself.


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