Education: PS deputies denounce the minister’s “anti-Vallaud-Belkacem posture”

Education: PS deputies denounce the minister’s “anti-Vallaud-Belkacem posture”

Paris – Socialist deputies denounced Tuesday an “anti-Najat Vallaud-Belkacem posture” of the Minister of Education, after the departure of the president of the Higher Council for Programs (CSP) Michel Dussault, a close friend of the former minister.

” We turn the page Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and we nail the president of the High Council for Programs to the pillory,” said Ericka Bareigts, a spokesperson for the New Left deputies, at a press conference. 

Mr. Lussault announced his resignation on Tuesday, accusing the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer of ” multiplying, without discussion or concertation, the often unilateral and ideological announcements “, such as the change in learning in CP and school rates. He also stated that he felt the minister’s ” reservations ” with regard to the CSP when they met in August.  

” We created the CSP for transparency, exchange, programs best suited to children and the territories, and to win the battle ” against social inequalities, ” no one contesting the work done and co-construction,” says Mrs. Bareigts.  ” Let us make an evaluation, correct it if necessary ” rather than having ” fixed postures, perhaps ideological “, argued the elected representative of La Réunion, former secretary of state for real equality.

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